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Kitchen Remodels

Entertaining in the home these days seem to revolve more around the kitchen than the living room. Need more space or just want to upgrade the look? We can help you figure out the new kitchen that's right for you.

Tearing up a kitchen can disrupt family life so we get everything ready to go and work fast to minimize the downtime.

Things to Consider when Remodeling a Kitchen

  • Layout - Most kitchens are based on a triangle between your sink, refrigerator, and stove so if you are going to move appliances it is good to consider that in the new layout.
  • Cabinets
    • Budget: Cabinets can be costly so if you are on a tight budget, consider just buying new doors or having your current doors painted or re-finished.
    • Mid-Range: Cabinets in a variety of finishes (wood, foil, etc) can be ordered pre-made and installed. They come in widths of 3" increments, starting at 9", 12" 15", up to 48".
    • Custom: For the custom kitchen, wood cabinets are build specifically to the space in your kitchen. Give thought to the door style and handle as these will set the "feel" of the kitchen from rustic to elegant, old world to modern.
    • Upper Cabinet Height: For more storage, choose 42" upper cabinets.
  • Flooring - Tile, Laminate, or Hard Wood. Tile is the most popular in the kitchen due to its durability, range of options and look. If installing laminate flooring, keep in mind that if water sits on laminate for long periods of time it will swell and pucker. See our laminate flooring page for more details.
  • Countertops - Popular chooses are Granite/Marble, Tile, Concrete, Faux-Granite or Laminate.
  • Range - Propane or natural gas are preferred to electric and if you are remodeling your kitchen it is the perfect time to switch.
  • And don't forget entertainment, such as a computer in the kitchen to look up recipes or being able to see the TV to watch the news or follow along with your favorite cooking show.
Custom Kitchen remodel completed by general contractor Skillz Construction in Sacramento, CA